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2020 is truly a year to remember

Well as of March 25th all grooming salons have been closed due to Covid -19 as we are non essential. I am aware this has been very hard on many. We feel you. I have added to my fb business page some tips on how to take care of your pets in the mean time. Please come join the online fun.

Now that being said. When we are able to start back up the roll out will be very different. WE WILL follow the guidelines of the Ontario Government and the Health Minister. This is my business and my livelihood . People who choose not to follow the guidelines put in place will automatically be dismissed from the Salon. This is about the protection of everyone so when the time comes, please let's all work together to keep everyone safe. But in the mean time let's stay apart until we can be together again. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy Everyone!

You are all dearly missed , Christine

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