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What a wonderful start of 2015! With this I have an announcement to make. I have been helping out with a Dog Rescue for the last few months. They are a wonderful group of ladies who run a registered rescue and have the rights to helping relocate Northern dogs fro way up North. If you may be interested in fostering or dontaing to this wonderful rescue please go to there site If yiou are looking for a new addition to your family the rescue has many dogs in foster care.

Come help me help a wonderful rescue!

Christine is wonderful with Lexus, our pet ShiPooh.

She looks like a little princess with her bows and

very content with her do.--- Mary Fraser

Maggie, my schnoodle, has been groomed by Christine

for over a year now and I am extremely pleased

with all aspects of services provided by this salon.

Reasonable rates, professionalism, TLC, great grooming,

boarding and customer service.

Maggie is very at home with Christine'.

Highly recommend.--- Camille Sutton

Just a word from a two legged client.

Christine has been grooming my miniature poodle Osca

since he was a puppy, that's almost three years now.

He needs regular appointments as his fur grows

like a weed. He goes in looking like a Sasquatch and always

comes out looking a very smart poodle.

Christine always does a great job, always finds the time

to fit him in, her fees are reasonable and she takes extremely

good care of him. When I say we're going to see Christine he is ready to go.

Could be the treats and smart bandanna she always gives him.--- Diana Lewis

Shay and Tabitha recommend Christine and Let the Fur Fly Pet salon.

They think of it as a social

outting at a friend's house. Christine is not only their personal

trainer/groomer but their friend.

She is very knowledgeable and attentative to their needs.

They know that when they go visit Let the Fur Fly Pet Salon

that they are going to a first class spa with all of the perks and trimmings.

They reccommend Christine to all of their canine and feline friends every

chance that they get. Good Job Christine..

Keep up the good work. 2 happy and content repeat customers. --- Brenda in Barrie

This is the BEST pet salon in Barrie by FAR!! I have been taking my dog

to visit Christine since the day

I picked him up!!And that was 6 years ago. Jasper LOVES

going for his visits!! I think he sometimes

gets a little dirty just to go visit his buddy!I can honestly

say I wouldnt trust anyone else to groom him!!

Keep up the good work. --- Kim Goodman

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