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Rules & Guidelines of Salon

 You must call the Salon upon arrival of your appointment time and pick up.  Your furry friend must be on a collar and leash. Your pet must be up to date on vaccines to enter the salon. Senior pets must have health approval from a veterinarian. I have the right to refuse grooming if the pet is not able to perform the tasks at hand. The fee will be modified. Be on time for your appointment. Late arrival without a call will result in payment of service and the pet being turned away.  24-hour notice must be given for cancellation otherwise groom is to be paid in full.  Cash and e-transfer for your convenience. Amount due at time of pick up. No later!  Before leaving pre-book your next appointment for a guaranteed availability. All prices are to start. Extra brushing and or de-matting is an extra 10 per half hour. Late pick-up must be approved and the fee is 20$ per hr.  Before and after photos are taken of all pets being groomed. This is for my and the salon's safety. 

Not following salon rules and guidelines will result in the groom being paid and automatic dismissal. 

I appreciate every one of you and thank you for working together and choosing Let the Fur Fly Pet Salon 

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